Cecilia Frigerio, one of my dearest friends , certified massage therapist and holistic expert will be visiting Rome from July, 7th.

You can contact her to book your private session in Santa Marinella and in Rome 24 Feb – 5 March 2023

She is a special person who can help your energy flow!

Originally from Italy, a World traveller who loves to know and experience different cultures.
I have lived and studied in different Countries like Spain, Brasil, Mexico, Perú, Thailand, India, Australia.
I am passionate in helping, supporting other people and I strongly believe in the holistic healing of the body, spirit and mind. Personalized attention and care, because each one is a different world. My therapies are carefully designed using relaxing tools, chakras unblocking breathing and massages, created by combining different techniques.



Contact CECILIA for more infos

whatsapp – tel. 3925681468

Email   ceciliafriholistica@gmail.com

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