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Mocobo is a cultural club in Ostiense District, with super clean and bright rooms. 

via Pellegrino Matteucci 98 – parking is easy next door or at Eataly main parking area. Metro B Piramide – exit Eataly.

Restroom and bathroom/showers are at your disposal but access may be restricted due to existing rules. Please, come ready with a comfy outfit and remember:

  • your personal mat
  • a small towel
  • a water can/bottle

Subscription to Mocobo’s club (CARD) is mandatory in order to take part to the classes, but then you can feel free to sign up for all the courses they have in their agenda. Investment is €18 for 3 months or €35 for one year, and a mini insurance pack is included in the fee.


Some papers are mandatory, so please download them here and have them printed and filled up together with a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE FOR SPORT ACTIVITIES (NON AGONISTICA)


Loud is a professional photo studio in a beautiful, hidden courtyard in Trastevere. Tatami floor and big make up/changing room. Small bathroom with shower.

viale Aurelio Saffi 11 – parking is easy and free on viale Saffi. Tram 3 and 8 stop right in front.

Restroom and bathroom are at your disposal but access may be restricted due to existing rules. Please, come ready with a comfy outfit and remember:

  • your personal mat
  • a small towel
  • a watercan/bottle



4 or 5 spots avl

please note that cancellation is strict: to get your refund, you have to cancel it at least 5 hours before class starts, so that students who are in waiting list can take the chance of taking part and avoid no-show. If you cancel less than 5 hours before class starts, the class won’t be refunded.

I hope all these rules will fade away pretty soon and we will be able to have plenty of space and enjoy bigger classes!

  • If you have an old YOGASSAGE ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION (e.g. Pencilcase, Dictionary), you will contribute with an extra fee of €4.5 per class (directly at check in)
  • If you have a YOGASSAGE OFFLINE SUBSCRIPTION (E.G. WARRIOR ONE or WARRIOR TWO) , you just have to book the class using your product and keep in mind the rules. One offline class takes 2 credits.

Offline classes are back with strict rules and limited spots. Reservation is mandatory and there will be a waiting list.

open as drop in, subscription (open month or 10/20 classes pack)

URBAN SPORTS CLUB and FITPRIME members: please call me to discover latest rules!

After a focus on breathing and bandhas, we start the practice with an OM and pose an intention. A gently warm up will get you ready to the core of the sequence. We’ll have fun in discovering new asanas and inversions in the search of the right alignment and balance. I’ll help you through hands-on adjustments and support you with props and variations if you have any injuries. The final savasana will be a restorative decompression moment to check how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

info on subscriptions will be sent via email.



Classes in the Parks are back with strict rules. Please, check rules and locations in the link below. Updated schedule is in Home Page

Classes are broadcasted via zoom same time.

Please, contact me for more details or if you wish to book a private session in the park for you or for a private group of friends.


These special events are not included in subscriptions and are intended as fun community meetings. News avl in Home Page. We will flow together in a dynamic vinyasa yoga practice. Offline only, info in home page. Special provate sessions available at Navona Queen Rooftop, downtown in Rome. Email me for details.