I’m convinced meditation is a very intimate topic and everyone should experiment and find her own personal way to explore it. I’m against hard, strict routines, like waking up at 5am to meditate. I’ve interviewed privately a friend who is dealing with informed waters, energy and holistic therapies. She has explained me something useful: every person has his/her own frequency range, that is really close to what we intend as a “center” in the yogic way. Sometimes we are owerwhelmed  with problems or anxiety and our energy level drops abruptely down, turning us into weaker beings. Some of us vibrate over the treshold of 39. There is no instrument to measure this, apart from the energetic powers of someone who works with energy. These people are more likely to connect with their energiesand may find it easier to meditate or to follow their “sixth sense”, as we usually call it.

During pregnancy, it’s mandatory that you, as a mum, keep your energy levels to the highest. 

"I am afraid the word meditation has been so misused. There are so many systems of meditation—the Tibetan, the Chinese, the Hindu, the Buddhist—I don’t know what you mean by meditation. To me, meditation is something that cannot be cultivated or practised, following a system. It must come naturally, like a flower that blooms. You cannot force it."

From Krishnamurti’s book “Truth and Actuality”


This book and its italian version, “Mani di Luce”, is really enlightening. Looks like something woo-hoo, but it has been written by a former NASA employee who has a scientific approach also to her energy-management skills.

Barbara explains that, in order to be able to develop a superior spiritual perception, one must enter a state of expanded consciousness, and there are several ways to reach this point. Meditation is now one of the most popular, but some alternatives may also be jogging or walking, or simply relax in the woods and listen. The point is give ourselves some time to listen to ourselves letting the mind shut down. This state of consciousness may result amplified during pregnancy, and I warmly share Barbara’s advice to all the creative practicioners.



PATANJALI refers of Joga with its ethimology JUG, union, as the union between the individual, Jivatma, and the supreme consciousness.

By connecting ourselves to breath, we can drive our bodies from turbulence to health.

SAMADHI is the final stage of supreme harmony, where the individual remains unmoved and free from any sort of physical and mental afflictions.

If you speak Italian, you can enjoy this interview with my opinions on the meditation practice.


Meditation and yoga practice is associated with smaller right amygdala volume, a brain region involved in emotional processing, according to research published in Brain Imaging and Behavior.

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Here you can browse the abstract of a recent (Oct 2020) Medical study on the effect of prenatal Yoga on the anxiety level of pregnant women